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About Us

Get to know the brand 
Sweetest Reality Cosmetics is a sweet theme brand based out of Greenacres, FL dedicated to bringing you affordable, cruelty free, and vegan friendly products that are beginner friendly no matter the race, age and gender. Themed after all the sweet things in life, Sweetest Reality cosmetics is a home based company, selling eyeshadow palettes, and eyelashes, with hopes of adding more products like highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and more as we continue to grow.
Get to know the owner
Sweetest Reality Cosmetics was founded by Ginou “Gigi” Dorsainvil, who is the middle child of 3, and daughter to Haitian immigrants. Born, and raised in Florida, is a married, mother of 2 daughters. This line was created for a few reasons, her daughters have always been the driving force behind anything she does. Confidence being another reason. Growing up, Gigi never felt like she was beautiful, or even pretty. She would mess around with her sisters makeup whenever she wasn't around, and realized she really like it. But after having her daughters, she realized that she didn't have the extra time to devote to makeup. In 2018, the idea of starting a makeup line crossed her mind, but fear was holding back from making that big step, especially because she didn't fit the standard idea of beauty when it came to the industry. So in early 2020 she decided that she was going to launch her own line, and start the journey to financial independence, and with the use of her discover card, she made that dream a reality. The name “Sweetest Reality” came to her in a dream, and since her daughters love of all things sweet, the name just seemed perfect. She hopes that with this brand gives people of all genders, race, size, and age, and because this line was created for moms, she hopes that this brand gives you the added boost of confidence you need to go about your day. Even if its just putting on a simple pair lashes, or just gliding on some lip gloss, you'd be surprised how something so simple can make you feel so much better.